Prescription Refills

Here is our policy regarding the refill of patient prescriptions:

  • Please call your pharmacy 4-6 days before you need your medication refilled.  Even if you do not have a refill listed on the bottle, please call your pharmacy.  They will then send a refill request to your nurse practitioner.
  • If the medication that you need refilled is a Controlled Substance (medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse or Concerta), Federal law requires that it must be written by your prescriber each time the medication is dispensed. Please be sure to schedule your appointments to occur just before the medication will be gone, so your prescriber can write you a new prescription.  If you are unable to attend an appointment in time to receive a newly written script, please call our office with 4-6 days notice to request that the provider write a new prescription for you.  When you call, please have the name and dosage amount of the medication available to tell the staff.
  • When you pick up a prescription at our front desk, you will be asked to provide identification (even though we may see you often).
  • Please remember that our nurse practitioners work varied schedules.  Some are here three days and some are here only one day.  It is your responsibility to keep track of where you or your child stand with how much medication you have remaining.  If you wait to call for a refill when you or your child is out of medication, you may have to wait several days before you can get your refill.
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